that will take place in Novi Sad from
September 23th to October 15th 2005.

A flag is primarily a method or symbol of identification and recognition. The form of flag has been chosen as it always conveys the same meaning and proves the lasting identity. In this particular case, flags will convey authentic art concepts and identities.

The Artistic Flag International Festival formed around this art concept will be launched in Novi Sad, a city renowned for its multi-ethnic and multi-confessional coexistence of many ethnic groups and religious beliefs for centuries; the city during the last decade of the 20th century strongly affected by the fall of SFR Yugoslavia, crisis in FR Yugoslavia, and then Serbia and Montenegro, a country whose national flag had been altered in accordance with the newly arisen circumstances, but on the other hand, while sanctions and international isolation, flags of other countries could have been hardly seen; the city suffered great loss of infrastructure and identity during 73-day NATO intervention and air raids in 1999, and hit by consequences of the transition process at present

The Artistic Flag International Festival will be opened on September 23rd and will continue until October 15th 2005.


Friday, 23 September 2005. 18.00 hrs

The corner Zmaj Jova and Miletic´ streets

The Festival is to be open by:
Radovan Jokic´,
Member of the City Council in Charge of Culture


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